Get More Invoice Financing Benefits with BETALD!

By Per Frennbro in Financing

Are you worried because you have a very small amount of invoice and you think that you will not get to avail invoice financing for it? Don’t worry. BETALD – easy invoice finance platform is here to help! We, at BETALD, can handle very small invoices and offer invoice financing for it. And it can be as little as €/£100.
Yes! You read it correctly.

We have made invoice financing a lot easier. We understand your needs and we know that as a small business it can be extremely difficult for you to gather working capital even of a very small amount. Other invoice companies offer invoice financing mostly from €5000, which, in many cases, cannot be met by small businesses. This is where we stand apart. We are here to make our presence felt and to help the small businesses do better.


Doesn’t increase your debt

In order to keep your cash flow intact, there is more than one option that you may come across such as bank loans. Invoice financing is not similar to those, as it is not like a typical debt. In this case, you are not borrowing money because you want to make more money out of it and then pay the debt back. Instead, this is the money that you have already earned. And you are only taking advantage of the option of getting it earlier. So this is not a risk as such. At BETALD, as we offer invoice financing for as little as €100, there is no risk involved at all.


You don’t need to submit piles of paperwork

At BETALD, we don’t require financial statements, credit checks or tax returns. All we need is your bookkeeping records. As long as your bookkeeping records are maintained properly, you will not face any problem in getting invoice financing from us.

So what are you waiting for? Use our BETALD easy invoice finance platform and enjoy the benefits!

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