BETALD: An Invoice Factoring Partner That You Can Rely on

By Per Frennbro in Fast Financing

Are you a small business owner and are tired of waiting for weeks or even months for invoices to be paid by your customers? Do you need a more consistent source of working capital? If your answer to both the questions is “Yes”, then it’s high time that you consider invoice financing.

So what is this invoice financing all about? It’s one type of accounts receivable financing that converts all your outstanding invoices into immediate cash. Invoice financing is like a blessing for small businesses. And the best thing about this finance is that you don’t require securing your loan with an asset. All you need is a steady stream of revenue which is backed up by the invoices from your clients.

Not convinced yet? Let me share an incident with you then.

One year ago, when I was in the Netherlands and traveling in a taxi, I had a conversation with the taxi driver. He said that he had some corporate customers who didn’t pay him. The amount of each invoice was €500. The driver was waiting to receive the payment for two years but didn’t get the money. This is exactly the situation where BETALD can help you.

We have created BETALD platform to help individuals such as the taxi driver in the above-mentioned situations well as small business owners. We not only provide you with the cash that you need to continue your small business operations, but also the collection service.

Our insurer is a large multi-billion dollar company that collects the money from your customers on your behalf by hook or by crook. This means we can go to court as well to help you get your money back if needed.

This is something that the micro, small and medium businesses could do previously, as the insurance was too costly to get (minimum € 2500 per invoice).

BETALDoffers invoice factoring services at a low interest, called discount in factoring. With our collection service, we work as a force behind the SMEs so that they can get their money back on time. If you use the invoice factoring service from us and your client does not pay on the time that he was supposed to pay, don’t worry, we are your BETALD. We will go that extra mile and make sure that your customers make the payment.

Choose BETALD. We will take care of your collection when you focus on the growth of your business.

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About the Author: Per Frennbro is the CEO of BETALD, which offers high speed, low cost invoice financing for small businesses. As a serial entrepreneur, Per focuses on helping both small and medium sized businesses take control of their cash flow. Visit and see how you can turn your invoices into working capital to help your business prosper.

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